On to baby step 2b!

I wrote the check for my last payment to my to the sole remaining credit card I have with an outstanding balance (I have another card, but I pay that off every month and use it for a routine purchase just to keep my FICO alive – I know Dave Ramsey says not to do that, but I don’t have cash to buy a house…yet).


I’M DEBT FREE (except for my student loans)!

I have so many big plans for where that extra money will go in the short-term (gym membership, contributing to retirement, going to Mom’s for Christmas, doing a large event for Dad’s next birthday [a milestone], giving more to the Kingdom work), but for now, I will celebrate that I have, little by little, chucked away my revolving debt and now can attack the installment debt I have left.

There’s a freedom in paying off debts you’ve had since high school. I can now remember some of the experiences I had without the sting of having the debt load on my back. However, I’ll always remember how long it took me to pay for being “the man” in paying for many meals, trips, etc. on credit cards. That’s a lesson I can pass on to generations to come.

While this freedom is to be enjoyed, ultimately the most important freedom is that of freedom in Christ. No matter how discouraged I may become about my finances, my weight, my life, the Lord’s grace is sufficient for me. He provides all that I need and I hope that this step is further glorifying His name instead of my effort. I need Him more than any financial asset can give me.


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