Day 2

Hello, friends:

I thought this might be the best way to update everyone on my travels through Europe to N. Africa. Jeremiah and I are leaving Frankfurt later this morning (+7 to Central Time) to visit our friends.  We are excited and hopeful for our visit to be a blessing to them.

While in Frankfurt, we've enjoyed the scenery and culture here.  We made a visit to the Apple Store to get a power supply for Jeremiah's MacBook (pricey) and explored the area around there.  We found authentic sausages in rolls (think brats on a french bread roll – just way better than home).  After that, we found some baked pretzels with asiago cheese (again, awesome) and saw several shops selling mostly – you guessed it – sausage. Both of us people-watch, so we were just able to soak in what was going on around us.

Last night, we went to Adolf Wagner's (link is in English) for dinner.  This restaurant has been in Sachsenhausen (the district we're in) since 1931 – a feat considering this town was bombed quite a bit during WWII.  Look at the pictures on the site and you'll get an idea – it's an old country dining hall that stays pretty loud.  We were outside (sort of) with heating lamps and kerosene blowers.  All the food was amazing and we rolled out feeling like we got our worth for the Euro. 

Other quick highlights:
1. Getting adjusted to taking a cab everywhere is an interesting, but quick adjustment.
2. I would certainly welcome the chance to stay a little longer in Germany any time.
3. The people, especially the ones in our hotel, are very friendly and perfunctorily helpful.
4. Frankfurt is much more culturally diverse (more people from different countries) than a city of 600,000 might otherwise be.

Love you all and look forward to updating soon.



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