Quick impressions of Men at the Cross

Great teaching and worship. Challenged by men to be better men for His glory. Go all out, take the hill – run with the vision! Be accountable to other men. Be vulnerable, but strong. Love radically and sacrificially. Make sure your servant’s towel is bigger than your ego. Bless generations upon generations with your leadership and being a better brother / father / son.

God changes lives. I’m much closer to Dad and Matt because of this conference, because of the way the Holy Spirit orchestrates events in our lives to make us even more congruent with His purposes. I am so blessed and overjoyed to be considered worthy to follow Him.

Don’t forget what it took for Christ to die for the world. He endured shame, mockery, and lies to reconcile us. He’s a man’s man. Don’t forget that he’s the “Lion of Judah.” Or, as Lewis put it, “‘Course he’s not safe! But he’s good. He’s good, and you can trust him.” (The Chronicles of Narnia)


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