My Facebook Exodus (Or…why I’m returning to reality)

Okay, so my Facebook status update this evening looked like this:

“THE BIG NEWS: I’m deleting my Facebook account by August 1. I’m really tired of the lack of privacy and time interruption it causes. If you want to stay in touch with me, let me know and I’ll be sure you get my contact information.”

A little rationale behind this move:

It’s taking away time I could be using elsewhere. This seems like a no-brainer, but really – it’s using up a lot of time I need to be using elsewhere. I could be using this time to read my Bible, pray, learn, call family / friends, or just goof off. I noticed that I’ve gotten increasingly busier and even a little more irritable as I’ve seen my FB usage go up. I think that’s a little alarming.

I’m too connected to minutiae without real benefit. I had one of my team members in Spain joke that I was a “creeper” for seeing something in the Live News Feed and commenting on it. While I know he / she was having a little fun at my expense, I processed that thought literally. Do I really need to know which group someone joined? Really? Do I? I don’t think so.

It’s hampering my real-life connections by increasing the amount of “friends” and not increasing the quality. See point 2, but also that I’ve added so many friends feeling that I must do so in lieu of hurting their feelings. I don’t feel that way any more (to wit, that I need to add people inauthentically).

It causes drama way past what is realistic. I’ve found everything is hyperinflated on FB. Changed your relationship status? You might as well have set off a FB EMP charge for all the commenting you’ll get. It causes one to be critical of FB status changes, wary of comments, and almost tabloid-journalistic in viewing photos. I’m not willing to have much of that anymore.

“Privacy” is a joke. FB doesn’t allow real screening of people who can access your profile. Even public content is pretty revealing. I’m not willing to participate in that, either.

I want to make some huge changes in my life and this is an anchor. I’m at a point in life where I should make the changes that I want to impact future generations. Things like contributing to the world through writing and speaking. Things like losing *a lot* of weight and being healthy instead of obese. Things like getting out of debt. Things like conforming more to God’s will and not my own. I find that I’m spinning my wheels in these areas and I feel that a lot of my time is spent viewing other’s lives on FB.

I hope that this move gives some inspiration to consider more real-life, intimate connections with their friends and family. I sure hope it’ll help me. Even if you think this is crazy – that’s fine…I’ll be somewhere else and you’ll hopefully know how to find me.


One response to “My Facebook Exodus (Or…why I’m returning to reality)

  1. Jason Summa

    In my case, FB is one of two sites that I visit daily. It is my ONLY way to keep updated on people since I’m so disconnected from everyone. My only problem with FB is that I sometimes wonder if people care what I post especially my notes when I “tag” people. I’m not as active on FB especially in the game area like I used to be because I lost interest. I’ve reconnected with countless people through FB. One of my own rules is that I try to read and pray before I turn on the computer. Sometimes I have Christian music on either from my radio or what is on the computer while I’m doing FB or other Internet site. Ever since I recieved my cds from Glendale, I’ve been listening to them as well. I do understand the drama that is involved with the site. Very seldom do I change my status or anything on my profile so not many people comment on things. If I ever do a blog\webstie of my own, it would get very little attention unless I use it to post my stories or other writing and even then be concern about them being stolen.

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