Heard ’round the web

Snow was supposed to fall heavily where I live (in the order of 6″ – 12″ of snow overnight, but we had a light dusting of 2″ at best. The system covering the Midwest totally split right at Springfield. Crazy.

Anyway, on to the best links of today’s lunch hour!

Harvard Business Review ponders whether an MBA makes you a better CEO. Turns out, if you’re under 50, having an MBA isn’t as beneficial as if you’re over 50. I hope that doesn’t mean that an MBA is losing relevance! I don’t seem to think so and neither does this article.

Peter at Bible Money Matters posted a guest post on a handy list of common tax deductions. ‘Tis the season to obsess over deductions and AGI, right? I’ll find a couple of these tips particularly helpful as I just got a good amount of my tax documents this week.

I’ve thought about posting a plant up in my office to give a little more life and spark to my little space on campus. I started with this article from Planet Green. I keep getting the spider plant recommended to me, but I don’t know about trying to soak a plant in water here because our only accessible sinks are bathroom sinks (not kitchen sinks). What do you think? If you’re a green thumb (not an extreme novice like me), please leave a comment with your advice.


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