My advice? Wear a helmet.

Lessons for New Graduates and
Advantages of Renting and Borrowing (Frugal Dad)

About to Enter the Workplace for the First Time? Try the 50% Solution (The Simple Dollar)

Life is tough. We need to be smart about it. We no longer live in a simple world with an ideal that every college graduate will get a desk job with his / her own secretary and dictating letters. IT’S NOT TRUE! Your working career will be spent typing, filing, and doing everything you can to serve others…let Jesus be a lesson here.

Although we do live in a rough and tumble world, we do have the hope that God will provide for us. That level of provision may be much more sufficient than we think. Think about that…if God asked you to take a 50% pay cut…could you?

We trust and hope in Him instead of our money. I say this as someone who has monitored his FICO and was proud to see it jump several points recently. I was flooded with thoughts of “you’re making it big now” and “you can buy a house with that credit.” If I were to buy a house now, it would be a stress – not a blessing. The blessings of the Lord have no sorrow added to them. (Proverbs 10:22)

May the God of the Universe protect your mind and heart as you do battle with the flesh today. Oh, and it’s Friday!


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