God is developing you

Last night, I had the privilege to eat dinner with my good friend T.J. Crain at Rib Crib (all-you-can-eat St. Louis-style ribs, yeah!). While the food was good (and the service excellent), the conversation was even better. We got talking about relationships (yes, guys talk about these things, too) and I shared with him something I needed to hear, too.

If you’re single, God is still preparing you to be the man / woman He wants you to be before you pursue a relationship. If you’re seriously dating / engaged / married, God is still preparing you both to serve together.

These last few months, I’ve had ups and downs in pursuing relationships. I realize that’s because I’m not fully trusting God with the pen of my life (read When God Writes Your Love Story for that). Every time I grab the pen from God, I end up in heartache and despair. T.J. talked a lot about control and how when we grab the reins, it seems that we are more distant from God. We are!

There’s a good anecdote quoted from another author in Eldredge’s Wild at Heart that talks about the man at a party (substitute small group if you need to) who is chasing a woman across the room. Once he has “won” her, he finds her boring and then finds “that old familiar certainty” in other woman.

So what’s the lesson? Don’t assume that you are in control. God is. Don’t assume that you completely affect others’ hearts. The Holy Spirit does.

Hopefully this note challenges you to believing even more fully the rich glory of God.


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