Something missed…

I was reading an old issue of Missions Catalyst this morning and a testimonial by its editor, Marti Smith, really grabbed me:

“A pastor’s sermon revealed and exploded my assumption that missions was a sequential thing, i.e, that you should lead people to Jesus in your ‘Jerusalem,’ and if you passed that test, you could go on to ‘Judea, Samaria.’ If you were really an amazing person, you might rate a trip to ‘the Ends of the Earth.’ Turns out that’s not how it works!”

These days, I look for opportunities to help people grow in biblical and global awareness and help them recognize the struggles or concerns that might be holding them back. I also try to tell the kind of stories that invite them to think, “Hey, I could do that…” rather than those that tend to provoke an “I could never do what you do” response.”

The last sentence (in bold) struck me because we should never view cross-cultural evangelism as “only for the elite.” It’s for everyone!



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