In the still and the quiet

It’s amazing what can occur to us in the pre-dawn hours. For me (when I’ve adequate sleep), I tend to have some of my lucid thoughts. Now, though, I’m little more than tired – I had trouble staying asleep last night…

If you enjoy the game Settlers of Catan, you should check this out.



Just finished Rich Dad, Poor Dad yesterday, which I highly recommend. The book talks a lot about creating your own future with money, instead of letting money happen to you. It’s funny – the book is probably a more aggressive interpretation of Dave Ramsey’s principles (except for the whole saving thing – I don’t think the author of Rich Dad would advocate putting back $1K just for emergencies.

I had a couple great conversations last night, but in one, I touched on the very reality of sacrifice in marriage. Mind you, I’m not married, but I see that in marriage, one must be willing to sacrifice his / her pride, his / her independence, his / her thought that his / her body is his / her own. As I was telling this friend, God uses marriage to help us grow closer to Him (when done correctly).

However, singles do not get off the hook here. In building friendships and relationships, we too sacrifice and learn to love for the sake of love…not necessarily reward.

Christy Nockels (of Watermark fame) has an amazing voice. You should listen to her newest single, Life Light Up. I’m stunned at how richly she sings, and thankful that she does it in praise of the Lord.

I have less than two weeks before I leave the country. How crazy is that?

Stay classy, readers.



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