Great links to be had here

Things found around the web:

Global Rich List – Find out how wealthy you are compared to the rest of the world.  I’m in the top 6%.  Humbling.
10 Dumb Ways of Wasting Money (@ Bible Money Matters) – It’s wise to be wise about your money.  Not wasting it needlessly helps in doing so.  On a personal note, I purchased a discount card from Christian Campus House and have saved upwards of $3.90 already (the card cost $5).  Coupons (and discounts) matter!

How to Make G-Mail Your Ultimate Productivity Center (@ Zen Habits) – If you don’t use G-Mail, where are you already?  G-Mail now officially manages my official engagements.  Need a calendar?  It’s there.  Need “multiple inboxes” to manage four different types of e-mail you receive (and I do)?  It’s there.  Need to “Remember the Milk?”  It’s there.  You can Facebook and there, too.  You can add a Google Docs app, which allows you to share and upload about any type of document that anyone might use…go read this article already!

I feel the need to write a task to accomplish.  Off to the Davises’!

Grace and peace,



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