My car, the (almost) money pit

It was about time for my car to have some sort of major expense.  I found it – in new tires.

So it’s probably been due to have a new set put on, but a bulge in my driver’s front tire alerted me to it.  Turns out that the rims on the driver’s side were both bent severely – enough to need new rims.

I bought some el cheapo tires because that’s what you get at WMT around 7:30 in the evening.  The guys in TLE were very good about giving me 4 brand new tires on the car; after tires, rotation, and road hazard protection, it ran me about $408 for the whole deal.  

I’m looking for rims for what are now my back two rims.  Any suggestions for places to hunt?  Hopefully I’ll have those by end of week to put them on Saturday.  WMT promised free install and even road hazard on my two new tires back there.  What a deal!

All of this after a long day of advising, a re-arrange of my PSP duties (thanks, Laura and Brian), and trying to pay all my bills.  I am, as they say, thoroughly whipped.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this: my donut was flat, too.  Therefore, I paid $50 for a wrecker service to not tow me, but fill up the donut.  Price: $50.  

Gotta love the vehicle.  My Silver Stallion is riding well again – well, almost.

Nevertheless, I did have a great experience at WMT and they alerted me to the bent rims, even showing me the wear on the previous tires.  The wrecker was very friendly.  I got everything worked out with PSP and they’ll be ready for next week.  God is gracious beyond compare in making sure I’m taken care of.

And since He’s gracious and I have plenty t’do, I’ll run to sleep now, and get up prior to the rooster’s crowing.

G’night, all!



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