Prayer letter

Hi, I’ve finally gotten to the point where I realize that I’m in need of prayer. Lots of it. I’ve tried to forge ahead a direction for my life by consulting God when I felt like it, haphazardly applying His tenets in the Word, and not seeking the counsel of others.

Enter the Web.  I know (or at least am connected) to so many people through a blog, Facebook, or other social networking.  Why not tap into that vast resource as a prayer network?

So, if you feel the tug to receive an every once-in-a-while prayer communication from me, let me know by either e-mailing me ( or sending me a Facebook message.  I promise not to spam you (depending on what your definition of “spam” is) and I want to encourage you, too!  

I appreciate your reading this and being a part of my life (whether it’s big or small).



One response to “Prayer letter

  1. I will be glad to pray for you, Chris!

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