Found at Stuff Christians Like:

All too often, I crave convenience instead of Christ. I want an easy life. I want all the pieces to fall together. I make my decisions based on what will cause me the least possible inconvenience or stress.
But when I look at the life of Christ, who’s supposed to be my model if I call myself a Christian, I don’t find much convenience. If anything, he had perhaps the most inconvenient life possible.
Being born in a stable is not convenient.
Having your friends get beheaded and murdered is not convenient.
Living in the desert without food or water for 40 days is not convenient.
Dying on the cross, for a crime you did not commit, is not convenient.
If you look at His life, none of His decisions seem to be designed to increase His own convenience or comfort. None of His actions seem geared to give him an easy life. So why are mine? Why do I keep wrestling with things like comfort, a topic I’ve written about before?
I don’t know exactly. I haven’t figured that out yet, but I can’t seem to escape the question, “Can I chase a life with convenience and a life with Christ at the same time?”
I hope God gives us all a renewed desire to live inconveniently. To give when it doesn’t make sense, to love when it isn’t returned, to sacrifice even when the impact of our actions is invisible.

Just something to think about when life is inconvenient.  We have the hope that we have a brother that experienced all of the inconvenient parts of life, yet still perservered.


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