A musing and links

Maybe not amusing, but a musing, nonetheless.

We never realize what impact we have on others until they necessarily tell us.  A dear friend of mine came up to me tonight at a Christmas party and commented on a comment I made to a note on Facebook. I was very warmed by his noticing and his compliment.  I was encouraging a mutual friend of ours in pursuing a year off from dating to follow Christ’s leading and focus only on Him.

The question implicit in that is, then: Are you living full out for Christ each day and does your life reflect it?

I can all too often be accused of forgetting the grace of God.  I tend to be a little too self-reliant, without considering the role God wants to play in my life – Lord.  

Nevertheless, on to some links:

Extraordinary Uses for Bleach

Sixty Uses for Baking Soda

Improve Your Financial Life with Five Daily Actions (@ FrugalDad)

Household Uses for Vinegar

How to Satisfy a Reading Habit on a Tight Budget


5 Highly Effective Ways to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Fighting a Frugal Battle Against the Ice and Snow


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