Baby Step 1

If you’re familiar with Dave Ramsey and his books, courses, and radio show, you know that Baby Step 1 is having an emergency fund of at least $1,000 stashed away.

I’d like to announce that I have saved (in an account that won’t be touched otherwise) $1,000 as of date.  I made my deposit today at the bank which holds my emergency fund account.  I’m so excited!  

Baby Step 2 is to pay off all non-mortgage debt.  I may be here for a while, but at least I know that the end is in sight.  I’m looking forward to having all credit cards paid off in a few short months.  The biggest obstacle to financial freedom is to get Sallie Mae (SLMA) out of the house, as Mr. Ramsey would say.

Since making the decision in July to get a handle on my finances, I’ve not been let down.  Sure, I’ve had some things come up that I’ve had to manage with some of my emergency fund, but I’ve been able to storm back with a vengenance.  

For now, though, I’ll celebrate step 1 and move diligently on to step 2.


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