A couple freebies

First, go to MySpace Music and look up the band “Downhere.”  Listen to “My Last Amen.”  I’ve seen it written that Marc (the lead singer) is the next incarnation of Freddie Mercury (as a Christian, of course).  Listen to the song and see if you don’t get some very strong Queen-esque vibes…

Also, ChristianAudio (christianaudio.com) has a free audio book each month.  This month, it’s In His Steps.  Use SEP2008 as your coupon code and you now have a full book for free (with 12 downloads available).  

If you’re questioning the time on this post, yes, I am awake at 6:00 AM.  I’ve actually been working, etc. since about 5:15.  It’s sick, I know.  That’s how I function. 

Here’s to a blessed Wednesday.  I’ll be out at a conference in Osage Beach Thursday and Friday, so it’s the last day in the office!



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