Some thoughts before jumping into the “work day”

I’m still a bit tired (Halo 3  and Settlers of Catan until 3 AM will do that to you), but I’m ready to get moving on some personal errands (i.e. Perspectives) today until I fall over.

But, before I get fully motivated to do that, I wanted to share some quotes from The Divine Conspiracy: Discovering Our Hidden Life in God by Dallas Willard.  This book (which I checked out from our campus library) has blessed my life very much in the last couple weeks I’ve read it.  Since I’ve got it until January, I’ll be re-reading it a few times over before I have to give it back.  All of the following quotes, therefore, are from this book:

“…the advantage of believing in the Trinity is that we then liveas if the Trinity is real: as if the cosmos environing us actually is, beyond all else, a self-sufficing community of unspeakably magnificent personal beings of boundless love, knowledge, and power.  And, thus believing, our lives naturally integrate themselves, through our actions, into the reality of such a universe just as with two plus two equals four.  In faith we rest ourselves upon the reality of the Trinity in action – and it graciously meets us.  For it is there.  And our lives are then enmeshed in the true world of God.” – 318

“Patterns of anger, scorn, and ‘looking to lust’ vividly illustrate the basic triviality of the drive to wrongdoing. ‘The look’ is only a habit.  There is nothing deep or vital about it.  One looks to lust or to covet upon certain cues.  Anyone who bothers to reflect on his or her experience will be able to identify what these cues are. 

This is also true of anger, scorn, and – you name it.  It’s not like the law of gravity.  Falling when you step off a platform is not a habit.  Cultivated lusting , anger, and so on are.  And, generally speaking, those who say ‘they cannot help it’ are either not well informed about life or have not decided to do without ‘it.’  Most likely the latter.

But the really good news here is that the power of habit can be broken.  Habits can be changed.  And God will help us to change them – though he will not do it for us – because he has a vital interest in who we become.” – 345


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