Writing for the sake of writing

It’s Friday – 7:29 AM on the East Coast.

I’m writing because somehow, sitting in full view of the Atlantic Ocean, I’m supposed to be inspired to do so.

This week has been full of sand, sun, and adventure.  I’ve rekindled my love of the beach, especially walking along it at full nightfall. 

Since I don’t have much original thought to share, allow me to make an observation about God – He is completely sovereign when you turn things over to Him.  I find myself very weak this week in my desire to start a family.  I know that God has not apportioned this to me right now because I need to get my house in order in several different ways.  I know I much to learn about being a father, but more importantly, much to learn about being a husband.  I realize that each day I wake up is a new opportunity for me to learn new truths from God that lead me in His will like a narrow pathway (and it is!).  In The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis (I’ve been reading it this week), he speaks to resisting temptation with all of your might, realizing that the only sufficiency in doing so is through the power of Christ.  Why use all of your might?  It certifies the sort of passion and direction we should have / represent in all endeavors for which for labor for His love.

The turning over of the breakers represent the constancy of God’s love.  The waves consistently roll into the shore, day and night.  His power is represented by the force a wave displays as it finds an obstacle off-shore (especially a person).

I rediscovered simplicity this week.  All one needs is a little faith, overarching love, and eyes to see the creation.  My prayer is that I will continue to feel Him near, even as my life seems to produce my clanging noise that seems to drown out His voice. 



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