A brief respite from finals week (even faculty / staff have finals anxiety)!

That’s right – it’s 4:30 AM.

I’m working on the minutes for NCC’s missions board, trying gamely to catch up from being ill recently.  It’s amazing how quickly a “24-hour flu” will sap your energy and time for the week.

As I embark today, I realize that I have nary a final with which to contend.  However, my days do entail worrying with students about grades, futures, majors?, hope.  Ah, for next Tuesday, when all is revealed (grade-wise) to our anticipatory eyes. 

I find myself wistful, but also hopeful.  This summer includes much to be looked forward to.  I’m excited to see how God uses me, how He directs and orders my walk.  For now, though, my walk includes ironing and a shower so I can meet my friend Devon Cheek at Scrambler’s (always an immediate double-blessing!).

I’m here.

Grace and peace.  CDL


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