I love my coworkers and a short goodbye…

Me in Pain

The above picture is painful to look at.  Earlier this month, I managed to allow my right hand to be shut into (yes, into) a car’s door.  I was getting out and used my right hand to pry myself out of an Oldsmobile Alero.  Needless to say, that prop was not noticed and the driver let the door shut on my hand.  I’m told I was calm about it, saying something to the effect of, “(name), my hand is in your door.”

Anyway, one of my coworkers sent me that picture, and I’m laughing about it.

I leave for Mexico today!  I’ll be there for 8 days doing whatever is needed (driving, concrete, painting, etc.) by the team and by God.  I look so forward to loving the locals and meeting up again with my friends – especially Rogelio. 

I leave you with a couple links this morning that inspired me from Buzzard Blog:



*edit*  Most importantly, today is Good Friday.  Today is the day that we remember the agony and final cruelty of the Cross, the instrument meant for ultimate torture by the Romans, and our hope of reconciliation with the Father.   We remember that Jesus was a man who experienced real anguish, fear, and separation (“Father, father, why have you forsaken me?”).  Yet I have to think that, as our Lord clung to life that morning, He thought of you, and me, and all other people (sorry, Lifehouse)…truthfully, all of the lambs that needed to return to the fold.  It was His love for us that kept Him there.  No other sacrifice would do.  It is this bold sacrifice, this final signature in blood, that makes Jesus famous amongst the people.  Even more remarkable (and the hope of all nations) is that Jesus rises on the third day (Easter, for us) and returns to show His power over the grave.  

How can this God not be famous?  He delivers, He saves, He heals, He covers over.  He is truly the God of love.

My challenge is to meditate fully on Christ’s deliverance, but first His real suffering.  When we’re told “take up your cross…”, it means to die.  Die to anything that holds you back from living a more radical life for God.

Hope you have a great week!  Grace and peace.


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