Our Daily Bread – March 3, 2008

“A pastor in Kansas City gave what seemed to be an impossible challenge to his congregation—to go 21 days without complaining (the amount of time some say it takes to develop a new habit). Special bracelets were distributed to participants as a reminder to live complaint-free lives. A movement was started, and millions of bracelets have been distributed all over the world.The biblical principle ‘Do all things without complaining and disputing’ (Phil. 2:14) is an important one. The ancient Israelites discovered this when, because of their constant complaining in the wilderness, they were judged by God and not allowed to enter the Promised Land (Num. 14).

How can we learn to develop a noncomplaining, positive attitude that will please the Lord?

• By disciplining our thoughts (Rom. 12:2). We need to meditate on Scripture and remember our blessings.

• By confessing our critical spirit and committing ourselves to obedience each time we fail (1 John 1:9).

• By enlisting God’s help and the help of others. The Spirit will empower us as we depend on Him (John 14:26).

Because God helps us, doing all things without complaining is not an impossible challenge.  — Anne Cetas

Lord, help me stop complaining
When things don’t go my way;
Instead, give me a thankful heart
For all You do each day.  —Sper

 A complaining Christian is a contradiction in terms.”

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