Carmelized tofu – what’s the point?

Oh me, oh my, it’s almost 3 AM and I’m awake.

 I woke up not being able to sleep, and also because I had this irrational fear that my laundry wasn’t dry.  I’m not sure what that’s supposed to represent, but there you go.

Today should prove somewhat exciting.  I have breakfast with the Emerging Scholars crew at 7, followed by work at 8, a brown-bag lunch with “teaching professors” at noon, my evaluation (later), and then Northside’s Bible study tonight (assuming that I do not collapse from exhaustion). 

Just briefly, I throroughly enjoyed Claude Hickman’s coming to PSP on Monday. His main theme of “everyone writing a piece of the story for God’s glory” captured a lot of hearts and minds, I think.  It’s wonderful to think that, for all that I’ve done, thought, or felt, God would use me to help script His fame across the nations.

 So here’s the challenge – we’re given this brief time in order to bless others.  What are you doing with your time?

 I’m going back to bed.  3 AM is much too early, even for me.

 Grace and peace in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Chris


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