Utmost, Our Daily Bread, and a few thoughts of my own

“The most important rule for us is to concentrate on keeping our lives open to God. Let everything else including work, clothes, and food be set aside. The busyness of things obscures our concentration on God. We must maintain a position of beholding Him, keeping our lives completely spiritual through and through. Let other things come and go as they will; let other people criticize us as they will; but never allow anything to obscure the life that ‘is hidden with Christ in God’ (Colossians 3:3). Never let a hurried lifestyle disturb the relationship of abiding in Him. This is an easy thing to allow, but we must guard against it. ” – My Utmost for His Highest

 “Each child born into this world has potential for godliness and even greatness. The traits today’s children need to guide a future society do not come by accident, but through diligent, godly parenting.” – “Our Daily Bread”

 I’m learning a lot about forming habits – creating disciplines and routines that will affect my walk with Christ for the remainder of my days on this earth.  I’m learning that if you let time slip away, then you’ll regret the time you could have had with those most important to you.  Therefore, when we don’t allow the time needed to cultivate our relationship with God, it withers.  Prayer becomes stunted.  Bible reading seems forced.  Even spiritual accountability seems meaningless.  Christ bought us at too high a price for us to fornicate with the world’s tastes, pleasures, and desires.  We’re often too accomodating (and I’m right in the thick of it) for the sake of having friendships with people “in the love of Christ.”

 I just had a great discussion on the true sanctity of marriage with one of my married friends.  We all too often pursue marriage as a end goal, with little clue as to what to do after getting married.  I’m realizing that this season of my life is a training time – a time for me to learn how to serve, to be committed, and to love abundantly.  Until my relationship with God and others reaches a level where I can do all of these three as an outflowing of my interactions (and not as a module of importance), then I am not ready to be the husband I need to be.

Importance: how important do we feel that we need to be?  Did Jesus ever preach to others saying, “I’m Jesus, listen to me, I’m important?” (well, outside of the “The Jesus Videos,” I suppose)  Jesus led others by seeking direction from the Father, staying true to His commands, and outpouring the love He had for humanity while, from the same hand, exposing sin and its destructive force. 

In Him, and through Him, our hope is found.  Our purpose is found in Him, and I find that, the more I study His word and converse with Him, I find my every day fitting into His will.

 I pray that you fully experience and realize the grace given to you from God through Christ, and I also pray with joyful expectation, Christian, that God will use you in a mighty way for His fame, not yours.


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