I’ve been around

Whew!  It’s almost the end of this week and I’m anxiously awaiting our final days in the office before Christmas.  As I write this, I’m preparing to go to work extremely early – I left a lot of paperwork at the office.  So, before I head in, I thought I’d share a thought with you from Piper’s Desiring God (my current book in-reading):

“By creating a person like Adam, yet very unlike Adam, God provided the possibility of a profound unity that otherwise would have been impossible.  A different kind of unity is enjoyed by the joining of diverse counterparts than is enjoyed by the joining two things just alike.  When we all sing the same melody line, it is called ‘unison,’ which means ‘one sound.’ But when we unite diverse lines of soprano and alto and tenor and bass, we call it harmony; and everyone who has an ear to hear knows that something deeper in us is touched by great harmony than by mere unison.  So God made a woman, not another man.  He created heterosexuality, not homosexuality.” (211) 

 God is working to make unity out of what is completely diverse for His glory!  When we draw together, despite our very disparate pasts / backgrounds, God is glorified. 

 I’m striving for a more simple life.  I’m realizing more and more how each day defines a legacy in my life – how I spend my time, what I absorb, what I tolerate.  Some day (hopefully), I will be married and have children, and, as a man, I’m charged with bringing my children up in the instruction of the Lord and also being the head of the marriage relationship (not in an master-slave way, but a director, leader way – still yet taking my ultimate leading from Christ).  My prayer is that I would live in such a way each day that I’m honoring that future commitment.  However, I have my own commitments/opportunities as a single man, and so I pray that I hold fast to those in the moment.


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