Life imitating art imitating life?

Today, I went to watch “Dan in Real Life.”

 If you haven’t seen the movie, it may be worth your time.  The basic plot device is that Dan Burns (Steve Carell) is a widowed father of three girls trying to put it all together.  He meets a woman (who happens to be his brother Mitch’s [Dane Cook] significant other) who basically messes him up for the weekend.  I’ll not spoil the movie, but all works together in an end bringing a discontented, disconnected family together.

 What I wanted to share from it is that the movie unwittingly shows that life is more often than what we expect.  In living in predictability, we flirt with the danger that God will break of us our comfort, our security – ultimately the chains unseen.  When we have a spontaneous, yet defining moment in our lives, we react in two stark ways: seizing the opportunity or allowing our fears to drown us in predictable sorrow.

 God romances us in ways that seem a little unorthodox.  He’s composed (through our forbears) a love letter to us – a way to draw near to Him.  He’s created all things we have seen, touched…known.  All things are being made new in Him.

I needed something like this today.  I’ve felt extremely awkward about certain situations in my life and have needed to withdraw at times to restore some sense of order.  Fortunately, I can find solace, normality, and hope in my Maker.  I fully trust Him to work in me and through me to produce character.

The other thought I’ve to share is that the pursuit of desire is never fruitfully realized in pursuing the desire itself.  The pursuit of desire is fully liberated once we focus on God first, who gives us the desires of our hearts.  Instead of forgetting our desires and becoming bland, God invites us to transform what our desires have become.

 To put a stamp on life that shows major impact – I think that’s a desire we all share.  The great thing is, we can do that by being invested in other people’s lives every day.


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