intentionally untitled

You know that part in Scripture about being joyful continually?  You know, where you should be patient in your afflictions?  That joy permeates what you do even if the world seems to kick you down a peg?

 I learned a lot about that yesterday.

Never, ever, assume that your walk is going great just because you never have trials.  In fact, the absence of trials probably means that you have been living safely.

And so, I’m incomparably blessed by having Christian brothers / sisters to help me right my thoughts.  It was observed yesterday that I was extremely hard on myself, and I’ll admit – I often am. 

But the hope is this – the same God who created the universe, the same Jesus who bore my sin, and the same Holy Spirit dwelling inside me – He has justified me in the righteousness of His name.  For that alone, I can give Him praise.

 I’ve not titled this because there’s a new dawn, a new day to be written.  Therefore, the sun has not set on frustrations / anguish, but they can be used / transformed if I’m willing.  All I have to do is hold on to God.  The question is – will I do that today?


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