Thankfulness – it’s what I live for

There’s an importance to not overestimating your day.  You might build up your false pretenses and hopes, fears, etc.  to drive yourself to a sustenance of self – rather than a sustenance based on God’s power and love.

There’s an importance to realizing that we are created to be in community – where we crave a little part of others we call conversation.

There’s an importance to realizing that moments, no matter how small, possibly insignificant, speak volumes into the lives of the beloved.

There’s an importance to waking up without the first thought being, “How will I make it through today?” or “Good God, morning.”Instead, it would be instructive to look at “How will God carry me through today?” or “Good morning, God!”  For this life is a breath, Eccelesiates tells us, and we are merely passing through this stage (extreme paraphrase).

To laugh, to love – this is part of life abundant.  I’m thankful to be able to take much good out of many difficult situations.  I don’t want to invalidate or demean legitimate concerns of friends / families, but God’s goodness shines through many different things and avenues of life.

I had a conversation on Sunday with one of our church deacons and a separate conversation with a church greeter.  Both of these conversations hooked at one end – how much God loves us and how He directs so many things in our lives that we forget or fail to see.  It’s this reliance on God to come through – it’s something that we don’t even pay attention to – that defines our character.

I sincerely pray that this peace, this hope has come upon your house.  If you don’t know this kind of love, I’d be glad to hear from you.  My Father has love that reaches out in the deepest pain – love that says, “You’re special to me” even when the world turns you out.


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