An excerpt from John Piper

“Oh, how many lives are wasted by people who believe that the
Christian life means simply avoiding badness and providing for
the family. So there is no adultery, no stealing, no killing, no
embezzlement, no fraud—just lots of hard work during the day,
and lots of TV and PG-13 videos in the evening (during quality
family time), and lots of fun stuff on the weekend—woven
around church (mostly). This is life for millions of people.
Wasted life. We were created for more, far more.
There is an old saying: “No man ever lamented on his dying
bed, ‘I wish I had spent more time at the office.’” The point being
made is usually that when you are about to die, money suddenly
looks like what it really is, useless for lasting happiness, while
relationships become precious. It’s true. When my mother was
killed in 1974, I wrote to the chairman of my department at
Bethel College, where I was teaching, and reversed my request to
teach an overload the next semester to make more money.
Living to Prove He Is More Precious Than Life
Standing beside your mother’s grave with a wife and child makes
things look different. Money loses its pull.
But that saying about spending less time at the office can be
misleading. We need to add this: No one will ever want to say to
the Lord of the universe five minutes after death, I spent every
night playing games and watching clean TV with my family
because I loved them so much. I think the Lord will say, “That
did not make me look like a treasure in your town. You should
have done something besides provide for yourself and your family.
And TV, as you should have known, was not a good way to
nurture your family or your own soul.”

Piper, John. Don’t Waste Your Life. Crossway Books: Wheaton, IL. pp. 119-20.


One response to “An excerpt from John Piper

  1. Wow, deep stuff.

    You’ll probably also like what I wrote in my LJ, another deep realization of my own.

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