A brief respite – maybe humorous

Today was my friend Rohan’s birthday.

My task was to buy candles for the cake made. I decided to go with the best Walgreens’ could buy – a set of candles spelling out “Happy Birthday!” (yes, each letter was included). I also went with the lifetime supply of matches.

When I got to Rohan’s and placed the candles on the cake, we lit them. Within seconds of our lighting the candles, the perfectly-formed letters started to melt in horror-film fashion. We were trying to gather everyone around to sing “Happy Birthday” in English. The first “H” burned out, and, in short succession, the “A” also burned out. Quickly, we sang “Happy Birthday” and had Rohan blow out the candles still flickering on to life. The wax formed a multi-color layer on the cake.

Rohan then scraped (yes, scraped) a piece from the dish and pronounced it good. We all ate heartily.

As I recall this, I smile and laugh a bit. The clear lesson – never buy lead-free wax candles from Walgreens’. Try to get something with a bit more wick to it.

My other piece of wisdom? As the Italians put it, “Laugh often, live well.” Laughter (along with prayer) is the true key to a long, vibrant life.


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