New life

Last night, I had the opportunity to help welcome new life into this world.

My dear friends William and Jamie Hicks begat Will and Gabby Hicks (yes, twins) yesterday afternoon.

Little life is immensely precious.  I was in the NICU last night watching Will, just a tiny baby, and told Billy, “He’s going to be a strong warrior.”  I know that, with instruction in the LORD, he’ll be tough.

God cares immensely for His very small sheep.  When He tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, He means that we are stitched together perfectly for His purpose and will.  I got to see that last night – seeing how children can be woven together.  I am already thinking to their young childhoods – when they’ll look at me and not remember that I was there at their first few hours, witnessing their embarkment on life.

If you ever have the opportunity to welcome new life, you should.  It’s a precious thing.


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