Humility – a lesson best learned with water

After reading this article , I had a few other thoughts to pass along:

“1 Peter tells me that if I ‘clothe (myself) with humility toward one another’, you will oppose the proud and give grace to the humble. I relinquish control of my life back to you, my Lord. There’s no other way to have it! You’ve proven to know (and foreknow) everything I need for each day of my life. How arrogant of me to prove myself otherwise!

I go forth today with the charge to realize two simple tasks – you make me more than I am, and I, being humble (lit. pliable), will be used by you today to touch someone’s life. Your grace is sufficient, your truth is sure, your way is proven. As you invite me into the wilderness, the thorny thicket that is life, I know that I won’t always see the path, but I know that you are my guide.”

All too often, I’m guilty of taking matters into my own hands.  If God needed someone to take up a ploughshare and start lopping off heads, I’d probably be first in line to help him out.  Sometimes, I think I do this without thinking – unfortunate, I know.

God’s way is usually a lot slower than my way.  That being said, I know that He’s right, and that I can trust Him.  I’ll be riding back with Him, restraining my urge to move vastly ahead of where I’m ready to be.


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