We have already won!

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head when you go to church? A song might be apropos in many instances, but here’s what I was thinking:

My church (Northside Christian, Springfield, MO) had its first service in the new facility this Sunday. During our service, we had two baptisms – one of a 5th grade boy and a woman in her 30s. We also had several people step forward to place their membership.

What was running through my head was this:

“We’re gonna
shout loud,
loud until the walls come down
shout loud,
loud until the walls come down
loud until the walls come down

Yeah yeah yeah

Because we’ve already won
And You don’t have a chance
Yeah we’ve already won
No you don’t have a chance
It’s already done
And you don’t have a chance
Because we’ve already won!
We have already won!”

“We Win!” – David Crowder Band. Lyrics accessed at <http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/We-Win-lyrics-David-Crowder-Band/DB4C78AAC10EE90948257156002D6266&gt;.

We have indeed already won. While the battle can be tough, Jesus won the battle over sin, death, and our own destruction at the cross. Had He not, our trust in Him would be futile. The Church (notice that I used a “big C”) is the fruition of and the army ennobled by this moment in time.

The cross transcends time and space to reach every one of us. Before Jesus came to Earth, the cross existed. The cross still exists today, and it bids us come and die to our small aspirations, our petty worries, and our short-sighted concern about our “faults.”

Love is intertwined with the cross. Pure love for His father dominated Jesus’s life amongst us. His DayTimer (had the LORD had use for such a thing) only contained room for His father’s business. Jesus focused on the sole mission – loving others, bringing them to the Father.

Rejoice today because God has already claimed the victory over sin in your life. He created you to become something more than you could ever ask or imagine. Join Him in his task – to bring glory and worship to the Living God – and He reward you in ways you’d never, ever fathom.

Today, many of our brothers and sisters are committed to working in countries very, very hostile to the Gospel of Jesus. They are true warriors, but every warrior needs an army following him /her. Every soldier needs a supply line. Today, won’t you pray for those people on the front lines as if you were there with them? If you need names, faces, stories – definitely visit http://www.persecution.com (This site is operated by the Voice of the Martyrs).

May God’s peace everlasting dwell in your heart today as you go about your business. Rejoice in your salvation and take solace in the fact that, yes indeed, God has already won.


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