Of man and being

God shows new glories through my life each day. Just when I think I’m going to be beat up by something or I’m going to dread a certain part of my day – He graciously blesses me with mercies anew. I’ve been a little tired lately, but it’s definitely been a good ride.

For all of those that don’t know, I started teaching CIS 101 yesterday. I felt pretty confident in working with my students and getting them started for class. We mostly covered the syllabus. I did have a moment, believe it or not, where I stood back and thought, “Wow, I’m really doing this…I’m teaching this class.”

I’m looking forward to some major trips in the next couple months. I’ll be up at the Lake of the Ozarks in September to go to a conference for Missouri academic advisors. On the national scene for academic advising, I’ll be in Baltimore, MD in mid-October. I’ll be looking forward to learning more and relaxing as well.

I’ve learned a lot about being a man of integrity and honor in the last few weeks. I’ve not always learned my lessons gracefully, but I have tried to love others wholly, as to reflect a holy God. I’ve had the best read of Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy that I’ve ever had in my life. Mostly, I’m learning so much how God’s law was showing His incredible grace and mercy. We must lean upon Christ daily in order to fulfill the law God intended for us.

I believe that God has set me on an amazing journey, and I have amazing tales to tell. My summer was nothing short of fully lived, and I don’t know that I’ve felt unfulfilled in any way throughout this summer (a testament to God working in me).

For now, though, I’m considering sleep. This weekend, while at times trying, was very much spent to the fullest.

For His glory, Chris


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