Going down the newsroll

This is definitely interesting – a slide in the Chinese markets has absolutely hit the US markets hard.  Globalization, anyone?  I think it’s too unclear as to tell whether this slide is completely indicative of a global recession.  If anything, we’re experiencing a “leveling off” in our own economy.  We’ve seen a lot of artificial growth with expanded credit terms and generous mortgage lending. 

 As part of a University community, my heart breaks when we see breakdowns like this.  It also concerns me that we have so idolized grades in the pantheon of employability that they do most certainly become the paramount concern.  Please pray for this young man and his healing.  Pray that he will come to know the freedom Christ can give him. 

 All too often (and I’m a victim of this), we take our very lives for granted.  Our lives can end at a moment’s notice – in a moment we could be taken from this life.  Are we living to our fullest potential?  Have we blessed those we came into contact with today?  We never know when God has intended to call us home. 

 I pray for those who are mourning today.  I know several who are grieving the passing of Rhonda Martin today.  My prayers are with you.  May God be fully glorified, and may He heal the brokenness we feel today.


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