Super Bowl Sunday

So I just wrote down some meeting minutes, which can be slightly fun, but only if you like recounting a haunting description of the goings-on.  Strangely, I do.

 I know I haven’t said much at all, really.  But life’s good – it really is.  I’ve been uplifted and humbled.  I’ve been rich and destitute.  I’ve realized how blessed I truly am.  And you know what?  No one gift or word can describe it.  I’m feeling pretty great.

 I have so much yet that I want to accomplish that sitting down to write about it seems a chore.  Yet, it’s quite necessary – my mind won’t retain all of these thoughts / feelings / data forever.  I know that as I stand today, I’m ready for all today has left to bring and for what tomorrow could not even fathom.  I’m ready to be challenged and to challenge.  I’m ready to live on purpose.  What are you doing today?


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